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August 15, 2011



Just like the last post, this one is hitting me where I live. (Where I live is full of my stuff.) So evocative, especially with the block quotes listing the items and making allowances for ones that will stay.

Purging was something I wrote about multiple times during Reverb10 and I haven't been totally lax about it, but I also haven't done nearly as much as I wanted. And this inspires me to get back on the horse. It'll be easy for me to live with intention if I'm surrounded by only the best and most meaningful things. (Well, easier.)


I do hope this inspires me beyond the moment but I fear I am resigned to all my stuff and not knowing where or how to start. Every time I have tried I have only made such small dents that it hardly seems worth it. I can see the fun is listing the stuff as you let go like you have here.


You write so eloquently what I desperately need to do to my life. Purge. Of memories that don't really have any significant meaning; of papers and documents and even people who make me hurt. Thank you for this, Jennifer.


I have purged until I am blue in the face and still there is too much. It is all weighing me down too, and I must purge more, so that my children will not have to ask themselves all those questions - and get no answers.


What a beautiful post. I am sorting and tossing this week and next before I head back to work. Just this morning I tossed into a large burgundy suede box more greeting cards that I received this summer. They really only mean something to me but I keep keeping them. I am surprised by what I am ready to let go of though.

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