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June 08, 2008



Egg-sactly. :-)


If a cleaning job stands a reasonable chance of getting you wet or dirty, or both, it's perfectly reasonable to complete that job without clothing.

Okay, maybe not washing the car in the driveway in front of the neighbors.

maggie, dammit

Oh, IIIIIIIIiiiiiii get it, they show up on the top, not the bottom! That's nifty!

Your new weird commenter girl.


Um. Did your blog just eat my comment?

I'm going to post this one too and see what happens....


Scrubbing the shower in the nude is called multi-tasking. At least, if you turn the water on, I guess. Either way, you are totally more productive than I am so --- good day!


Pretend to read the paper? Online or the real one, I wonder?

Mrs. G.

You cleaned the shower in the nude? You might be on to something here. Maybe it would get my husband involved.


Jennifer, have you read Elizabeth Berg's latest "The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted" ? The title is perfect enough but the stories are wonderful.


as to the sink....
Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda down the drain.
Pour in one cup of vinegar into the drain.
Cover the drain with a lid and wait fifteen minutes. (it will foam!!)The baking soda and vinegar will have a chemical reaction, breaking down the clog. While you wait, boil soup pot of water.
Rinse the drain with boiling water to clear it out.
If this fails, then try drano!!!


Hi! I came over from Vanessa's site.

But this (meaning your list) looks like a real post :)

You should see post I did once upon a time when I listed down every single blessed thing that can be found inside my daypack.

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