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January 24, 2008



Another great interview! This is a great project.


Great interview. and the minute Tiddlewink answered "I blog for the attention," I knew I liked her. What could be more honest?!


Thanks for the update on the haircut -- of course, after I posted that comment, I saw that you had already addressed it in the haircut post comments. Regardless, I really needed to know, so thanks for indulging me.

On my to-do list: Get. A. Life.



Ladies, ladies, "fetish" is such a strong word. How about "fine appreciation of" or something?

Jennifer - Thanks for a fun interview! I look forward to reading all about you on Mrs. Mogul's blog.


You've always hit the nail on the head on blogging and the community and reasons to, etc. Good post.


Neil actually instructed us to do it however we wanted, and in looking at the other interviews already posted, the interview-ers have been the ones doing the posting in every example so far. Which seemed like a good idea to me, seeing as it would introduce a new "audience" to the blogger being interviewed as opposed to giving regular readers more of what they already know. Or something. Yanno?

But it really matters not, to me. I'm happy to post mine here rather than there...whatever works!

mrs mogul

Oh nO! But Neil said for us to post our own interviews. Oh well! I guess I will post yours on mine.


The haircut falls somewhere in the middle of #1 and #2, but much more silvery than either of them. #3 is still being taken under advisement for a future date. ;-)


Oh, and by the way ... what happened with the haircut?


Don't know if it was the interviewer, or the interviewee, or a combination of the two, but I think I likes me some tiddlywinks and am heading over to pay her a visit!


Good, good. It would never do to leave you scratching your head...



My bad. I read the lead in too quickly and must have skipped over a sentence. So carry on ... all is well and normal.


Dude...I interviewed Tiddlywink, who is from Denver, and who answered the questions I posed above. Is that unclear in my lead in?

I am in NC, just as you suspected, and have no shoe fetish of which to speak.

Diane Mandy

Great interview and answers. I'm headed over to check Tiddlywink out.


Denver? How did I not know that. Why did I imagine you were from NC? She says as she scratches her head) and tries to remember what else she wanted to say something about foot and shoe fetishes running in her family.

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