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August 28, 2006



This is one that I'll be passing around at work for sure!


I couldn't stop watching either...it's either brilliantly stupid or stupidly brilliant. Either way, it had my attention.

Ahem. What DOES that say about me?


Awe-inspiring, and good cardio training, too.


Is that you over there on the right at age four? I'll have to post my photo from then. I have on gingham checks too!


OMG!! That is too good. I'm showing it to my son when he gets in.


I watched it one time through mesmerized by the lead singer's white boots. And did you see the tall guy nearly lose it but keep it together at the last minute? The ice skating is the best part, though, I have to say.

Holly Capote

Fun stuff, Jen!


Ha! Five more treadmills in my garage and it's a party!

H.A. Page

This was so much fun to watch. I can never ever think about just walking on the treadmill again. ever.

Most original choreography!


I love the skating-like motion of them crossing all 4 treads...

sheesh. I can't even run on one of those things STRAIGHT without nearly wiping out. here these guys are doing choreographed moves in TIGHT PANTS and HEELED BOOTS.

Rad Mod.

Paul of York

I wonder if they have tryouts for new members?


When I first saw it, I loved it. But now? The more I watch it?


Almost makes me want to get back in the gym. ;-)


I. can't. either!

Isn't this clever? I saw it a few weeks ago and watched 4-5 times.

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