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July 20, 2006



My husband asked me how to create a MySpace account for him. I know he's doing it just for chuckles. I'm not even sure if he knows anyone on it. (By the way, he's 42). He thinks it's a hoot to read some of the stuff on there. He's such a goofball.


Egan, your comments did make it through. I'm afraid you may have fallen prey to the trickiness that is my reverse order preference. Your comment will show up on top, rather than the bottom, if that makes sense.

And you're very welcome, btw.


Very bizarre Jennifer. I tried to comment on your blog three times yesterday. Let's see if this boring comment actually stays. Thanks anyways for stopping by my blog and saying such nice things.

Oh, I have a lovely MySpace profile and that's only so I can track my niece's every move.


The thing about MySpace that shocked me the most was the abundance of grown ups who have taken the plunge. My daughter and friends are mid-to-late twenties, and they're all over that place.


My Space is weird. It's interface is crap and it's high school yearbook quality even crappier, but still I somehow find myself adding people like The Burger King as my friend.:)


It sure does seem like you have a lot on your plate/mind right now. MySpace is whacked. I have a profile just because I had to learn all about the craze that is MySpace. I'm not proud though.

Hey, thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog. Have a good evening.


Court sounds, um, fun? I think I know the mayor of NOFUCKINGWHERE. I don't think they have a court house there though... MySpace? We, knock on wood, seemed to have skipped that gene in our family (so far).
I'm glad the art of the "Thank You" note hasn't been lost yet. We still write them too.


well, if you look at my url, obviously i have a myspace so i feel like i should comment. my husband got one first and since he's in iraq, its just really convient way for us to communicate better. we email privately every day or so but somehow looking at the little changes we make on our spaces helps us both feel more connected to each other's lives. i think we are the only two who aren't 14 or of dubious reputation to use it on a regular basis...

i've posted 13 too at


Ah, Jill, you haven't missed anything. Much. ;-) And I would've taken you for a skydiving into Middle Earth type, rather than NOFUCKINGWHERE. Ha!

Lissa, I don't know about a play, but the stories I could tell. Of course, they might not be factual, but one's imagination has a way of taking over when you see the slices of life I saw today.


HA! Love Paul of York's idea.
About #5 you're a GBB spy aren't you?! I read that after I did my 13 it would have made great blog fodder or blogder or something. How nice for you to have mom and son time in a court house. I smell a one act play.


I would like to apologize for my recent absence from blog-reading. This month has been a bitch. But I'm back now. And I'd really like to jump out of a plane into the middle of NOFUCKINGWHERE. Sounds like fun.


Ohmygod. I really didn't want to laugh. Especially not after spending four hours in the halls of the county courthouse JUST THIS MORNING.

But, I couldn't help myself.


Hey, would we get to keep the Marriott points earned on stolen card purchases??


Paul of York

For Number 10, I'm thinking you could set your son up by leaving your credit card lie around and reporting his theft of it.....then when he can't make bail, problem solved! Let the county babysit.
That's not funny, is it? I'm sorry.


1. I like the way you put a positive spin on it.
5. Loved it!! :)
6. Nooo... please don't sell your soul!


And if I knew where to send it, you'd get another note! This site, and your perspective, are incredible.


Great list.....I have to admit that I am just as un-hip as you about MySpace. I just don't get it at all!


OK well I have to say I am with you about My Space, I dont get it either and have still avoided doing ANYTHING with it! Though now my 7 year old want's a peice of that pie...so far we have avoided that too!


Please let me know any particulars that you can re Seattle. It's about a 4 hr drive for me. Worth it? You bet.

You could meet my lil' Munchie. . .

And both of ny elder sons are on Myspace. (The 15 Y.O. is blocked to all but real-life friends.) But I have to say that it's kind of cool to see their online impish personae develop. So far.



Court is over, went as expected. No big trauma. So Yay.

The only person I ever knew who used 'fancy that' as part of his regular lexicon was my former boss, an ex pat Brit. I can say it's not something I use with frequency. Or, like, ever.

Re. #8, I suppose I can never know any of it with integrity. Is that the point?

Lori - I'm emailing you. :-)

Is it Friday yet?


8. The answer is, you don't know till you've encountered any of them.

5. Britspeak? Really? You don't say that?


Believe me, if I lived in Seattle, I'd babysit for you!! :)

Good luck today (maybe you're done by now).

Your daughter - WOW - I wish I had her courage. Bravery. Craziness. LOL

Quitting smoking - my husband has tried a gazillion times. I know, it's hard. I can't imagine trying to give up my morning coffee, or Diet Mountain Dew.

I have a MySpace ID, but only to spy on my little brother and sister (yeah, I have a brother that's 16 and a sister who is 20). I was shocked at the adults in my town on there, and that they admit they're from this small town. Crazy.


Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Å  from da Raggedy one


How did I miss that you're coming to Seattle? Holy wow!

Any chance AT ALL that we can get together for at least coffee?



it's so nice that you two are spending time together nowadays


Will be thinking of you today with your son. About MySpace, I don't get it either. My son and his friends delve into it so I monitor it all. I embrace my unhipness!
My dear friend celebrated her 50th birthday with a jump out of a plane high above the ground. She has more guts than me.


It took four very serious tries for me to quit smoking for good. I understand that's a low number. Keep trying! One day it will take, but it will probably have to be at a less stressful time of your life.


I envy your daughter's fearlessness. I would no more jump out of a plane than I would run for president.

Good luck today, in whatever form that takes.


Good list, Jennifer. Good luck with #1.

I will email you regarding #11.

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