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May 02, 2006


Princess Wild Cow

I'm stealing, too...here from Suzanne...Thanks!


I might want to steal this. I've been going through a dry spell, so I became obsessed with graphic design. But now that I've totally made over my blog, I might need other things to keep me occupied.


Well, when you steal, you steal good stuff. :)


Steal away...at least three others already have. :-)


I'm absolutely stealing this one. I need a meme lately myself, and yours was brilliantly done.


The funny thing about this one? I could post it for an entire month and have different answers for every day, I bet.


Yep. Thank goodness for the meme...as annoying as some people find them, they have gotten me through many a bloggers block. And, I always learn something new when I read someone else's.


Dry spells happen. I should exercise too, but I can always make up a good excuse.

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