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November 14, 2005



Since I carry my passport for ID (my driver's license expired years ago, and since I live in New York, feh, never did anything about it), I sometimes think to myself, I've got passport and credit card. I can bolt any time I want to. Not that I would. But it's nice to know I could.


I forget sometimes that I'm living in my plan. How weird.

But thank you for reminding me.


That you have a plan is so remarkable to me...I have absolutely no plan right now...except to try to make it through each day...enjoying these blogs that Margi sent me to visit!


There are days when I STG you are writing a post for me.

And, instead of enthusiastically saying "ME TOO!" for about the zillionth time, I will just

{{{ hug }}}

Thank you.


If you ever happen to make it up here to Vermont, look me up...we'll do a non-Wendys lunch...;)


I wish I had a plan. Then again, I don't think I've ever been anywhere that you could escape from.


Sometimes having the escape plan in place is all it takes to keep you from having to use it.


Oh, there are SO many people I don't understand. I just don't get it. But... I decided just because they want to have a bad day I don't have to tag along. ;)


Years ago my brother did the same Blockbuster bit to my folks.

If I understood the people that I cannot (for the life of me!!) understand, it would worry me greatly.


I had to laugh at the Blockbuster thing. Back in the 80's, my kids decided to have their portrait taken to give me for Christmas. They stole my Ivey's credit card out of my wallet, had the photos taken and charged them to me because they couldn't pay for they all at once. My daughter intercepted the bills every month and made payments, but little did she know, I would charge stuff there and she would end up paying for my stuff too. I never even realized I wasn't getting the Ivey's bill until after they finished paying for the photos. I was really mad at Ivey's for letting them use my card for that. They should never have accepted that card without my approval.

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