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July 12, 2005



OtherJen, in fact, did not read this until today.

"It's in the realization that our expectations must be high, and in the understanding that we won't always reach them. It's in the satisfaction of honest effort, in the thrill of risking failure, and in the celebration when we achieve. It's in the strength to accept defeat, and in the grace to accept success. It's in the will to accept responsibility for ourselves, and in the benevolence to accept weakness in others."

And, in fact, at this very moment, on this very day, I was being written up by the military during basic training for receiving a cell phone call.

The only one I received on my 37th birthday. In hell.

It was worth every moment of it.


Jen, Someone summed it up well when they said your writing is like poetry. I love it.


Jen, Someone summed it up well when they said your writing is like poetry. I love it.

Billy The Blogging Poet

Dear, I am impressed to say the least. And the thing about the blind squir... Well it just didn't work the way I planned.


Now it is above my work area. Thank you.


I hope that this was one of the samples you sent. It blew me away.


Whoa. That was like a smack upside the head. Especially right now for me, considering what's going on with my grandfather, as you know.

You are going to have so much fun teaching those other people how to write at that writers' conference you're going to.

VM on the DL

Thanks for this, Jen. It was just what I needed to read right now. Exactly.


Jennifer, you were really lucky to get not only dated photos but written text with them! I was left with boxes of old photos and nothing else. I got some from my mom and dad, my aunt and my grandmother - and so many of them are unknowns.


Wow. Your writing is pure poetry. That needs to be a speech given somewhere. Seriously.

Thank you.

PS- I love your new header!


Amen, sister.


"Wow"...that's all I can say.


S'what I needed, that's for sure. Thanks Jen.


I am speechless (which is a once in a lifetime occasion).
Is this " Maturity 101"? Wonderful, is all I can say.


Reading or not, OtherJen inspired me. Which is hardly unusual, if you know what I mean.


Great. OtherJen, are you reading?

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