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May 25, 2005


Simple Mindz

awesome! Can I "steal" this?

Holly Capote

Damn, you're funny, girl!

Paul of York

Okay. What are you hiding?
The about column, the 40, plus the 100, just what else is there? What deep dark secrets are in the basement?
Are you still smoking? I did for 20 years and you are right it is the hardest thing to quit until you've done it. How many times are you up to? Over a 100? If so, you're close to defeating them.
I'll give up coffee when they pry it from my cold.. etc.


The 80's and my 20's. So true. I would have to add the music and movies. I loved the Reagan era.


I hadn't seen this meme yet. I enjoyed reading your answers!


Most memes are shite. This one was actually really interesting. I may "borrow" it from you later if I can get the time. Excellent answers, by the way.


You're in good company-I thought it was just Angus that hadn't seen a Star Wars or Bond film. I thought he was a lark. Now I know it's catching :)



I might even do this one myself. Brain-pickings are slim, lately.

And so is the commenting. ;)


P.S. I am sorry Bo didn't win AI, but maybe he will be better off after all, since Clay is all over the place and Ruben is hardly ever heard or seen.

I voted for him 5 times.


I own that Henry Paul Band album! I thought for sure I was the only one (except his mother).

This: What I miss most about the eighties: my twenties
is perhaps the most perfect answer ever.


RE: #30 - you are so right! A beautiful capitol and a great place to take a walk.

RE: # 33 - Scrabble is my middle name!


I can't stop laughing at your stop the wedding answer! LOL

What IS a girl to do!?!?


... and done Well. Nicely. Re: 24 - erm, I forgot. Oh yeah - nobody ever already knows. Always better to tell them.


Mean people suck. I carry that keychain, honey. I'm considering a tatoo. Whaddya think?

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