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December 29, 2007



When my dad was in the hospital we gave him a remote to hold. Even though it didn't work, it made him feel more at home.

It's nice to see real faces!


Your parents are a wonderful inspiration. How fortunate you have been to have them.
Thanks for sharing your blessing with us. It warms my heart...

Happy New Year!


The best holiday ornament I've read so far. Happy 2008 to your family here - and your parents.


Thanks so much for sharing a wonderful glimpse of your parents with us. Your mother and father both will be in my prayers, hoping that the transition to retirement is a smooth one and that there are many more busy holidays ahead for them both.

Paul is a Hermit

With all respect, your Mom is a knock-out and your Dad, well, he's your Dad, all men are good looking :)
He had good reason to stay up.


Excellent, Jennifer.


What a loving hug to your parents. Both rock, you know. Both cope in their own ways.

Happy New Year to all of you.


big hugs...love ya, mean it ^j^


what a beautiful tribute...my mom Is 84; so I know.


That's a wonderful picture and an even more wonderful portrait of your mother. She is the kind of woman I've always aspired to be, yet I'm woefully short of that aspiration.

But make no mistake, you are your mother's daughter.

Happy New Year, my friend.


Your post brought a tear to my eye and a pit to my stomach. I wish I had words, very touching. Your love shines through.


What a sweet tribute to your parents.
(and Yay for pictures!)

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