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December 24, 2007



Oh my, I love the expressions on your face. Santa is like the coolest person on Earth when you're a child. Your expressions confirm this. Happy holidays Jen!


My mother framed all of my Santa lap pics in one frame. I love putting it up.. Of course with only one child, that was easy to keep the consistency. Love your pics.


did you get what you wanted???


Oh my Gosh! I used to eat glue too!!! I mean I used to eat glue if other people used to eat glue....er...


Hope your Christmas was wonderful!


Young Jen is too cute!

Paul is a Hermit

Oh, excuuuuse me!
I got a Wii at T-giving. Are you sports like me or one of those Zelda freaks? :)
Snow on you.
(At least I got the glue right).


Merry Christmas, all! And for the record, that's me in all three pics. Pigtails - 3 years old, green coat and hat - two. And the one where glue is the BEST present ever - five.



Merry Christmas! Love the photos :)


Merry Christmas, Jen!

Paul is a Hermit

I love these: I got me a bottle of glue and I'm making stuff!!
I assume that's the brother who still walks on air from marriage and you. Two sweeter kids would still be hard to find; two different Santas though, didn't that cause you some pause?
Weren't/aren't those, The Bee Says type games fun, especially when someone else did the string pulling?
Merry Christmas.


Precious, just precious.


Love the young Jen photos! We just finished opening presents - something that folks with older kids can do on Christmas Eve! - and I am enjoying reading, perusing the Internets and waiting for our dinner to finish while the guys play one of the son's new games. Boys will be boys. They love the Wii, still.

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