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November 06, 2007



That was fun! You must have a good scanner.


I agree.

I think it's interesting when you compare mine and yours. Although, with a grain of salt - how many variations can there be?

For myself, I don't agree that I think before I act - at least not in quick-response situations. And, I've been called manipulative.

Although, I'm not sure if that counts if it comes from a passive-aggresive.

The rest though? Pretty close. I think you're more ambigious than I. I'm not very energetic - at least not for the last few years. I think I'm kicking ass with the stress - but I also think that all this stress is finally teaching me to do that. Better than I used to.


Not really. There are bits of phrases that apply, but here's what doesn't fit:

extroverted - totally a NOT. need more space than most people I know and do not play well with others. which leads to: nosy and intrusive? not possible.

But I have my energetic moments!

And I can be a decent communicator every now and then!


You and i make our Js the same, but other than that, this does not describe me at all. Is it accurate?


I love your handwriting. It's nice to see someone's penmanship in this world of keyboards. My hand cramps up if I write anything longer than a few sentences these days.

Your writing is a great extension of who you are. The loops in your Ys and Gs are cool. They say you have a zest for life... and that you're a "decent" communicator.


I think your handwriting displays your creativity. Of course, I already know that you are creative based on your writing and art. But really, I see a very inspired, optimistic and creative person in your hand written note.


What a grand idea. I think I'll steal it. You may have been able to tell by my post today that I was drawing a blank......


Paul is a Hermit

You're not extroverted. If manipulating and controlling means you are highly competent at getting the job done, then okay.
Of course I agree with poopie about space, even if you had not spilled the beans.
I doubt you are ambiguous. "bit" is itself ambiguous. Sigh, it's impossible to be objective. Sorry.


Poopster, you are spot on. Clearly, you've been reading here too long.


I'll be honest: I had to google the "DOBA" phrase from Wordnerd's earlier comment before I figured it out.

Because I am culturally clueless and/or a dumbass that way sometimes.

Further proven by the fact that I COULA SHOULDA posted this blogthing quiz TOMORROW to stretch the post-a-day thing out as much as possible.



The "dead on balls" accuracy thing is cracking me up. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of times that movie can be quoted in casual conversation.

Also, that little smiley face you did at the end totally looks like the ones my Aunt Gini used to draw at the end of her letters to me. I loved her. Thanks for reminding me of that today. =)


The only part that I don't see as really true about you is the part about needing space. You seem to me to be the kind that needs enough space to decompress on a regular basis. Wrong?


Here's the link I mentioned earlier. And, of course, as are all quizzes at blogthings, COMPLETELY and TOTALLY scientifically accurate...yeah, right...



My daughter sent me a handwritten letter and I didn't recognize her handwriting... we keep in touch through texting and email and cell....

Lovely handwriting.



Reading your comment and looking at this objectively, it occurs to me that my handwriting sample is quite similar to my speaking voice: rushed and full of superfluous flourishes.

You might want to re-think your choice. Remember what they say about being careful what you wish for...

Paul is a Hermit

It tells me I'd rather hear the sound of your voice. No offense.


Pretty cool.
The upwards slant indicates you are in a happy frame of mind and are optimistic and confident.

Take Care


You are correct. I am not a doctor. Although I play one...wait, is that TMI? ;-)

The one thing I always notice about my handwriting after the fact is that I write the letter "I" two different ways, with no rhyme or reason as to when or why. And even though I know this, I still do it, without thinking. Isn't that odd?


That's awesome!

Here's my unscientific take on your handwriting:

You are a righty.
You are not a doctor.

Yep, that's it. Wanna hire me as a handwriting expert?


That's so cool! What a great idea. Someone posted a "what does your handwriting say about you" quiz recently -- and mine was d.o.b.* accurate. I'll try to send you the link.

(*d.o.b. - dead-on balls accurate - recognize the line?)


Nice! thanks for sharing that!

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