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February 01, 2007



>11. It feels like I haven't really written here forever and a week. Noodled, noted, scribbled, scratched, yes. Written, no. It feels like maybe I never will again, for some reason.



Wish I had popped over here sooner - if I had known you were in Charlotte I would have tried to meet up with you for lunch or something (even though you don't know me).


Opting for the relaxed evening in is always a much needed break when traveling. I love holing up in a hotel room. For me, it's rare peace and quiet, and I treasure that.


Finding the balance is a wonderful feeling. Boo on that hotel! I am toying with the idea of beginning to train for several running things in Louisville. I am so out of shape! Yet I know the journey begins with the first step.

Paul is a Hermit

4 & 6, quite simply, you deserve it.
11, I'll take your scribbling for my writing, any day.
12. sounds freaky mystical to me...
13, that's why I like you, and should emulate you. Kind of impossible though.


I think I may have written number 6. Even more reason for you not to beat yourself up, as stated in number 7.


I'm TOTALLY rooming with you in Chicago you hotel snob you. More wine!


I do that thing where my internal voice is very critical of me taking care of me. You have made many huge changes in your life lately and you are really taking great care of yourself. You are such an inspiration to me.


That's my favorite Molly quote too - I used it to describe her to a co-worker today.


Good Post.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one


I vote for eradication of the tsking-ninnies inside our heads. They stink.


So, you've gone and written yourself into having the time to work out, dine and relax. Seeing as I have allowed myself to do the same tonight, I tip my own wine glass to you. Add to that tip of the glass a yearly ACS donation and all is well tonight.


I am not one bit surprised to find you heading up a RFL team. I'll be walking (if I'm able, and I plan to be able) with the team from my kid's school this year.

As you know, JDRF has long been my cause, but this one is a little too near this year.

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