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October 13, 2006



Does your husband have a single brother?


It's so much fun to live with someone we actually like. One of the things I like best about my husband's and my relationship is that we bring the best out in each other....and that means humor.

I relate.


Renaissance men.
Surprising, intriguing, baffling, frustrating...OK, I'll stop.
Fantastic writing, Jendo.
(Thank you for loving my Alice, you process imagery like her. It's there in your style, I knew you'd love her.)


Such tender and heart warming post, Jennifer. Sounds like you're both very lucky to have one another :).


That is such a nice post. I really do think it is a sense of humor that keeps a couple's love going strong, and enables them to get over the little bumps that every relationship faces.


This is a truly beautiful post. If only all wives were so enamored with their husbands. And vice versa. You have captured love perfectly.


Most wonderful piece of writing ever written.


Red button - sidebar. Big ol' thing.


I think I should bookmark this single post. That way, when the grandchildren ask "So what is love, anyway?" I'll actually have an answer.


Yeah, what red button. I don't see anything red on this blog.

Paul of York

What Red Button?

If only one day in my life I could have experienced what you describe. Or is it given it?


My heart just fell out of my chest is flopping around on the floor...thud...thud....thud...

Duke of Earle

Hey, Jen,

Carol and I are going on four decades, and we both understand perfectly. Ain't it great?!



And yes, I did press the damn red button :)




That really is lovely. And it shows the things that we need to hang on to in the lesser moments in a marriage in order to make it through them.

Amy K

This is a beautiful post, Jennifer. I think that one of the most important qualities in a man is his sense of humor. Without it, nothing else seems to really matter all that much! The anchorman voice and speech made me giggle. This post also gives me hope that there is a man out there for me and it will last always...


Eight years later.



This is touchingly beautiful and insightful. I often wonder how it will be around here when our son is off on his own in two years. We were a married couple for 6 years before he was born. I hope we still have it!


Jennifer, I love this post. I feel like I can relate to your hubby and I've never met him. I love the part about the email to someone who once offended him five years ago. That's comedic genius. Forever is a long time, but when you're with a guy like your husband... the years mean nothing. Thanks for sharing your man with us. (nudge nudge)

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