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June 12, 2006



It's inspired for sure--somehting there caught you and sympathetically vibrated your imagination. I hope you're able to return to that kind of place soon :)

Lily Bleu

I am sure it was very good therapy for you. I need to take the time for writing and sketching of that nature. It is good for the soul to get away, physically and mentally, for awhile.

I went to wineries this weekend too, actually! It was so needed, that getaway, and with two people I love immensely too!

I think every so often about how great it would be to escape from the world permanently, to the small town life, to a place where I can breathe in fresh air and see the stars at night; but I know I am a city girl ultimately and should just enjoy the occasional getaways. :)


62 pages of imagination transcribed, I'd say your muse was working overtime, and I'm envious!


I would much rather live in your head than mine.


Oh, the siren call of the blue ridge....I know it well. Such a lovely area of the country.


Hmm..perhaps this is to where the move should be?


I think it is, too. And while I have a personally held affinity for the Appalachians, the Blue Ridge Mountains will certainly do. Any mountains really. If heaven is a cottage in the foothills, I'm changing my life right now.

'Specially seein' as how I've been livin' uptanow under the belief that virtue is highly overrated, but that's another story. ;-)


The Blue Ridge does that to people: it gives you the idea that if heaven isn't like this, you've wasted your time being virtuous.

(I think it is, and you haven't, but maybe that's just me.)


Aw, I love lame!





You're suffering from inspiration, you lame-o. 'Bout time.


And you could easily be the editor and premiere writer for the Crozet Gazette. Sounds incredible. Times gone by.


If you're taking a poll, I vote inspired. Sounds like a lovely, lovely diversion from the day-to-day.

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