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February 14, 2006



Judy, if I am responsible for any increase beyond our already incredible numbers of new residents, I fully expect a cut of the tax dollars that will ensue. :)

V, somehow I knew you'd expect to dig deeper, and, of course, your every wish is my command. Gimme time to do right by you, and it shall be done. :)

Miss Cellania

Very thoughtful. I just started blogging to meet guys.


I'm sorry, I love the questions, and I have another one, because my last question was not quite specific enough to tell me everything I want to know about the flavour of your day.

It's lunchtime on the weekend. You pop out and grab a bite. What do you see, what do you hear, what do you hold?


I love the questions. I think I spend far too much time asking them. I'd like to do the answering for a change.

Happy Valentine's Day!:)


I love it here too, Jennifer, and now that you have told everyone how great it is, we will no doubt get more than the 60 people per day who move here every week! I think we need to start keeping a secret about how great this area is!!

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